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ClickMovements is the most cost effective all-in-one community & platform on the planet. We will give all the software tools, coaching, training, support, inspiration and resources you need to grow your business.








1-to-1s Consultations

ClickMovements Provides Everything
Your Business Needs To Grow

We bring all the things you need to solve your sales and digital marketing problems in one place - coaching, training AND the software. We are with you for the journey, helping you smooth the learning curve. Unlike most software providers we won't leave you to flounder and flop but we are popular so connect soon...

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MONEY-BACK Guarantee, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

Do you want more customers?

With the support of our trainers and coaches, you will know the best strategies the most successful businesses are using to make a ton of money online so you don’t have to waste another dollar on expensive software or marketing agencies. ClickMovements provides all...

Do you want to keep your clients longer?

Most clients fade away when they haven't heard from us for a while. We've been too busy maintaining our business functions or getting new clients to think about them. What if we automated a client retention strategy that is fully automated using ClickMovements? This strategy could send personalised SMS and Emails, push notifications and reminders to call or automatically create offers based on previous client history, etc...

Do you want to scale your business?

To scale we need to make increasingly data-driven decisions, automate our processes and multiply our staff. ClickMovements is designed to support each of those scaling priorities. We are passionate about giving you the best growth package on the planet - toolset, skillset and mindset.

or Do you just want to enjoy your business more or savor life to the full?

MONEY-BACK Guarantee, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

Creating the 'Perfect Automated Business'

All of the tools you'll ever need - in one place.


Build funnels, websites, landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system, cold email campaigns and more... to capture Leads in a powerful CRM.


Message Leads automatically by SMS, emails, voicemail, forced calls, Facebook Messenger (WhatsApp coming soon), and more!

Use Kanban-style drag-and-drop sales pipelines to keep your sales effort focused and to trigger automations and campaigns.


Book appointments, collect payments online and manage analytics with our built-in features!


With comprehensive integration with Facebook Reviews and Google My Business Reviews, you can collect testimonials, message reviewers directly and manage your online reputation.

Capture New Leads

Get all the training and resources you need to start or grow your business.


With ClickMovements' drag-and-drop builder, you can create beautiful, high-converting landing pages on your own domain. In only a few hours, you can create an on-brand showstopper, or jump right in with a pre-made design. You may also add custom scripts, integrations and connectors to make things even more powerful.


In just a few minutes, you may create and publish your forms. There's no drudgery here; just quick and simple form-building. Using the built-in tools, you can effortlessly select fields, adjust options, and embed forms.

Plus Leads from Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn and Facebook Paid Ads can appear as if by magic into your ClickMovements pipeline, ready for automated or manual nurture.


Set and manage appointments with the ClickMovements calendar. You can construct mini-campaigns for no-show appointments and reminders using triggers!


MONEY-BACK Guarantee, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

automate your messages so you can be hands-off

MONEY-BACK Guarantee, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

Nurture Leads Into Customers

Join hundreds of other company owners who understand that ClickMovements is helping them succeed and expand their businesses...and how you can do the same.

Easily Customize your follow-up campaigns

You'll be able to develop automated follow-up campaigns for every Lead, Prospect, or Client in one central location using ClickMovements.

create multi-channel campaigns

When a Lead is received, you can automatically push a phone call to the Lead, leave a voicemail to any contact with a pre-recorded message, and follow up with an automated SMS and email that can be sent at any pre-determined window.

two-way communication on any device

Gives your business the capacity to text - en-masse or 1-to-1. All in one communications hub so you can now speed up important conversations. Available on both the desktop and mobile platforms!

Close More Deals

Join hundreds of other business owners to learn how they’re being successful and growing their business with ClickMovements...and how you can do the same too.

manage your workflow and pipeline

Our enhanced Dashboard has made it even easier to keep track of the Leads in your pipeline.

collect customer payments

Using your own payment pages, turn existing consumers into repeat customers or regular subscribers by making it simple for them to shop with you again and again.

all the analytics & reports in one place

Keep track of key performance indicators like appointment rates, campaign efficiency, and even response rates!



MONEY-BACK Guarantee, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

manage multi channel comms on the go

MONEY-BACK Guarantee, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

Delight more 'Fans'

Build a following of repeat customers using the tools built into ClickMovements. Over-deliver using automations and workflows that help to generate a community of followers around your product or service.

directly manage your google my business

At last, manage your reputation all in one place, Facebook and Google Reviews. Make the review process conversational and leverage the trust that is building around your business.

automate the collection of reviews

Most businesses neglect the most powerful social currency - ClickMovements will show you how to automate review and testimonial collection. This alone will help your company become more relevant and vibrant.

create your very own branded online courses - even a whole digital academy

Offer paid or free courses to your ongoing clients to help maximize retention rates. Build lessons and courses using your very own Learning Management System - all included in the ClickMovements software.

Join ClickMovements

You are not just purchasing a software suite but joining a thriving community of successful and visionary business owners who get all the training, coaching and resources they need to start or grow their business. Our logo is footprints - we are with you for the digital journey.

twice weekly coaching calls

Book in every week to spend time with our CEO, Steve Jones, ask questions, catch the growth mindset, hear the latest digital marketing trends and learn the skills yourself. Sessions are recorded if you can’t make it live.

online clickmovements community

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Companies don’t make decisions, people do. Your professional network can open doors for you that otherwise could not be opened.

network with other successful BUSINESSES

In business, the biggest deals never happen as you sit behind your computer or in your office. The real needle-movers happen through relationships.

MONEY-BACK Guarantee, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

MONEY-BACK Guarantee, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

Award-Winning Support

To give the finest client experience, ClickMovements offers round-the-clock and personalised assistance. Our highly skilled Support Engineers provide proactive, real-time professional services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you improve your stability, efficiency, and effectiveness. We can answer any query you may have.

makes switching easy

You never need to worry about losing contacts or automations. When you switch to ClickMovements, we help you get up and running fast.

You'll grow your business with ClickMovements for years but if that day comes when you need Enterprise level tools, we'll even help you migrate over to your new tool - Hubspot Enterprise maybe ? ($50K+ pa)

24/7 support

We have a comprehensive knowledge base with video tutorials for everything you can imagine using ClickMovements. There is also ticket support for any question you may have in using our software.

Free 1-to-1 set up consultation

We offer free 1-to-1 set up consultation to get you up and running within days of starting - integrations, DNS records, branding, etc..

Then twice weekly coaching calls where you can pitch questions, get advice and pick up new skills and powerful knowledge.

Our Story

ClickMovements has been around for 5 years but our roots go back into coaching entrepreneurs, training leaders and developing early productivity tech right back into the 1990s. Like most Agencies, we have struggled to find our niche in a busy market - but in the meantime we've helped over 40,000 leaders and 1000+ organisations from large multinational Med-Tecs to small nonprofits working with the homeless; from Melbourne to Manchester; it's been a great ride!

But as we have matured, we have 'niched-ourselves-down' and re-discovered our calling. We provide a Software AND a Service (true SaaS) to exciting small businesses across the world; we want to be generous, helping those that normally struggle to access powerful business automation tools; we want to partner with and serve business leaders, change-makers, young entrepreneurs, movement catalysts and community activists and we want to come alongside those individuals and businesses that have a sense of purpose around people, planet and profits. Conversely, there are certain business types we won't work with because we want to only help organisations that are doing some good in these challenging times.

Our Hubspot Story

For several years we have served as Hubspot Consultants, Trainers and Builders - helping small and medium businesses from across the world implement this wonderful software multi-tool into their growth journey. We love Hubspot's philosophy of inbound marketing, data-driven decisions and automated sales & marketing. We love the fact that Hubspot Free is such a generous offer - a free CRM of up to 1 million contacts with unlimited users - it is the #1 offer on the planet for organisations wanting something powerful for free and we're happy to help clients set it up. Some businesses then move on to the Hubspot Starter package but it's the next growth stage that causes so much pain to our clients - the jump to Hubspot Professional with its pay-per-user/contact and costly annual packages that can be $15K+. Our clients desperately want the marketing automation and social media management tools of Hubspot Professional/Enterprise but the jump is financially too big - we call this the 'Zone of Pain'. Thousands of businesses get stuck and plateau here for years as they can't automate or scale their business efforts or processes.

So in order to better serve our frustrated clients, we have designed our services and software around helping businesses through this 'Zone of Pain' stage. Our own software is intentionally 'multi-tool' and 'Hubspot-esque', containing everything a small/medium size business might need to automate and scale. We recognise that implementing new software into a business needs a close medium-term relationship with a coach or trainer - a 'software accompanist' for the journey if you will - so we have added twice weekly coaching and training resources to all our packages.

Hey, maybe one day you'll want (and can afford) Enterprise-level software like Hubspot Professional/Enterprise and we'll happily help you migrate out of ClickMovements and develop your marketing, sales & service there. More importantly though, we can also help you migrate into ClickMovements from software like Hubspot Free/Starter or ActiveCampaign or 'none-previous'.

ClickMovements is designed to help you through the 'Zone of Pain' and to accompany you on the journey to growth and scaling - we are your software accompanists...

Join the Revolution in Business Growth Software

More Cost-Effective | More Support | More Automation | More Coaching | More Tools

MONEY BACK GUARaNTEE, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

Replace all this Software and More...

for 1/12 of the Price.

How much would you actually save?

Features Replaces Average Price Current
CRM & Pipeline Management HubSpot icon Active Campaign icon $100 / Month
Unlimited Sales Funnels Clickfunnels icon Leadpages icon $97/month
Website Development WordPress icon Wix icon Squarespace icon $50 / Month
Surveys & Forms Typeform icon Survey Monkey icon Survey Gizmo icon Jotform icon $20 / Month
Email Marketing Mailchimp icon Constant Contact icon Active Campaign icon HubSpot icon $80 / Month
Courses/Products Kajabi icon Teachable icon $150 / Month
Social Scheduling Tool Content Studio icon Coschedule icon Sprout Social icon $50 / Month
Booking & Appointment Calendly icon Book LikeA Boss icon Schedule Once icon Acuity icon $50 / Month
2-Way SMS Marketing Follow Up Boss icon Podium icon Sendlane icon $120 / Month
Workflow Automations Active Campaign icon Keap icon HubSpot icon $80 / Month
Call Tracking Call Rail icon Call Tracking Metrics icon $60 / Month
Reputation Management Birdeye icon Podium icon Reputation icon $90 / Month
Tracking & Analytics Agency Analytics icon $70 / Month
Total: $2160 / month* $0 / month $130 per month
Your Saving $0 / month

*Average Monmthly Revenue of SMB is $32,500 and average tech spend is 6.9% = $2,160 per month

replaces all these single function tools - Mailchimp, Wordpress, Wix, Typeform, Jotform, Calendly, Teachable, Hootsuite, SquareSpace, SimplyBook, Thinkific, Jotform, SurveyMonkey, Weebly, Leadpages and Many More... Saving over $10,000 every year

PLUS and including Weekly Coaching, 24-7 Support and On-Tap Training

  • Skillset - Latest Marketing Methods, Creating your Perfectly Automated Business, Using the Full Potential of ClickMovements Software

  • Mindset - Build Trust with your Community through Inbound Marketing and Generosity, Creating a Data-Driven Business where decisions are no longer guesswork, Automate Nearly Everything, Nurture the Positive Habits you need to breakthrough in business.

  • Toolset - Use the complete ClickMovements Software Suite - we don’t hold back on functionality - one price to get it all!

"And ClickMovements is the most cost effective alternative to all these multi-tool platforms; HubSpot, ClickFunnels, Kajabi, ActiveCampaign, NationBuilder, Engagebay, Salesforce, Zoho, Monday, Pipedrive..."

  • Hubspot Starter - those who have had Starter will recognise the quality and variety of tools that are available - amazing. But they would also have noticed the multitude of locked functions, minimal automations and also limits on every usage - can be extremely frustrating

  • Hubspot Professional - The billion-dollar market leader - many amazing features and if you can afford it, go for it!! These costs and the escalation factor built in ($250.00/month per 5,000 marketing contacts and paid users) can make Hubspot unattainable - most wish for a more cost-effective alternative

  • EngageBay - A well-priced Hubspot Alternative with all the functions of Hubspot Professional without the price-tag. The main issue is the escalation of price with any additional fully functional users - if your business grows, so do your software costs

  • ActiveCampaign Professional - An early marketing automation suite developing into a full-grown All-in-One. Lacks domain mapping in their Professional package and any social media functioning. Not for the business with a large list or target market or plans to grow.

  • Zoho One - Impressive suite of functions but can be costly for any business wanting to grow to more than one employee. A cheaper rate is available for those companies willing to pay per user for every member of staff on pay-roll.

  • ClickMovements - Okay, yes we at ClickMovements wrote this comparison but we have tried to create a fair comparison chart. In a previous life, we worked with all these All-in-One CRMs and we genuinely see ClickMovements as the most cost effective All-in-One software on the planet.

'At last, you can build your Perfect Business System -

automated, conversational, data-driven, exponential, generous.'

MONEY BACK GUARaNTEE, No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

Per Month


$130 per month

  • All ClickMovements Features

  • Twice Weekly Coaching

  • Tech Support Team

  • Over 200 Help Videos

  • Unlimited Users, Contacts, Funnels, Websites and Membership Sites

  • Every month, first $15 of calls, texts and emails included

Per Year


$115 per month equivalent

  • Everything in Monthly Package

  • Most Cost Effective Option

  • PLUS Additional Consultation Sessions

Or Fully Done For You

ClickMovements DFY

one-off payment or installments plan available

  • Full Business Transformation & Automation Package

  • Set-Up & Integrations Done For You

  • Automations Done For You

  • We'll build you Websites, Funnels and Online Academies

  • Hubspot Migration included - if required

  • Staff Coaching & Training

Book your 'Done For You Package' soon because...

Disrupting the Business Growth Software Market

More Cost-Effective | More Support | More Automation | More Coaching | More Tools

"This is a tool that, as a business owner, I am confident will work every time."


"The campaigns are so simple & easy to create... It's unbelievable."


"This is like a follow-up nurture sequence on steroids."


"Best Marketing Automation platform for small and medium enterprises."


"A very powerful software that helps us save time, automate processes, scale the business."


"I have used different marketing automation platforms and ClickMovements is now the best one I can recommend for beginners and SME."


ClickMovements contains an overwhelming amount of features - we'll help you unpack each one

  • Single Conversations Portal

One Stop Shop for all communications in and out - phone in & out, Facebook Messages, Instagram DMs, SMS 2 Way, Email, ChatBots, Website Forms, Google My Business 2 Way (Plus WhatsApp coming soon…) - priceless for our multiple platform world. Portal can be accessed on Browser or through our iOS and Google Apps too.

  • Trust Nurture Tools

Top of Class Reputation Management Tools - directly manage Google My Business and Facebook Reviews - supercharge and automate Review Requests & follow up

  • Automation Centrale

Marketing and Sales Automations are the secret sauce of growing businesses across the planet. Costly software is replaced by ClickMovements automations - triggers, actions, filters and conditional logic. 'Automate Every Business Process' - lead nurture, sales, onboarding and service using whatever channel does the best job - email, SMS, FB Messenger, Instagram DMs or even voicemail drops.

  • CRM - the backbone

A CRM Customer Relationship Management tool always sounds so boring and long-winded and yet it provides the very core of your business tool stack. You can filter and segment your leads and customers, track their communications with your brands and import/export to your heart’s content.

  • Unlimited Domains

Again, sounds quite a tame feature but for a social entrepreneur to be able to connect unlimited domains to unlimited websites and funnels lets the ‘world conquest’ lion roar (if you know what we mean). This feature alone can cost more than £35,000 pa using other similar software brands.

  • Unlimited Users

Other similar software providers pull you in with cheap ‘per user tariffs’ but as you grows in staff numbers you’ll find your software costs start to escalate too. Not so with ClickMovements, we offer unlimited users from Day One, so if you’re a team of 2 or 200, we’ve got you covered.

  • Marketing Campaigns

Build your own capture and nurture campaigns combining email, SMS and even automated social media posts. Embed videos, buttons and other CTAs in your communications. Build in conditional logic so that if a Lead responds, they are added to other campaigns. Segment your campaigns depending on how Leads are tagged in your ClickMovements CRM.

  • Sales Enablement and Pipelines

Supercharge your sales processes with current opportunities portrayed on unlimited Kanban-style pipelines and then use opportunity stage changes to automate reminders, appointments, payments and communications.

  • Unlimited Funnels

Funnels are basically websites on steroids where the web visitor is encouraged down a number of stepped pages towards a purchase or action. Imagine having unlimited funnels to build landing pages, pop-up forms, surveys, payment pages and bump offers using your very own ClickMovements builder.

  • Funnel Simulator

As well as building actual funnels, we have also added a powerful visual simulator to ClickMovements. You can now map your ideas before building them out - this simulator is fun to use and you can run scenarios like Dream Profit, Reinvest Traffic and many more..

  • Twice Weekly Coaching

How about your very own business growth coach? At no extra charge you will receive a twice-weekly group coaching session; sometimes a Q&A on optimising ClickMovements for your business, sometimes a focus on acquiring a certain skill-set and sometimes an exploration around the mindset of a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

  • Publish All Social Media from One Place

We literally want ClickMovements to be your only business software so we've now added the ability to publish and schedule your social media posts from one place - just like HubSpot Professional, Hootsuite and Buffer do. We can currently publish to Google My Business, Instagram, Facebook Pages, Twitter X, LinkedIn, TikTok and Facebook Groups.

  • Mobile App - iOS and Google

You can now access all your communication streams, customer & lead data plus sales pipelines from anywhere with our Mobile Apps.

  • WebChat App

Speak to your website visitors and have the conversations appear live in your Communications Portal and then have a record stored of the conversation in your ClickMovements CRM.

  • Data-Driven Analytics

Every business leader's dream - making decisions deeply informed by real-life data. Track your KPIs using your new dashboard - sales, profit, sales team efficiency, funnel productivity, marketing campaign feedback, Google Analytics Integration - it's all there, displayed on helpful full-colour graphics.

  • Unlimited Websites

You can build quality multi-page or single page websites using the ClickMovements Website Builder with templates provided - text, images, forms, custom CSS, JS & HTML and videos.

  • Integrations

You can link your ClickMovements software with just about every platform out there. We have APi and Zapier access for your favourite apps plus direct integrations with GSuite, GMB, MSOffice 365, QuickBooks, Facebook, Instagram, Stripe, Paypal and Shopify.

  • Unlimited Online Learning Academies

Here’s some more secret sauce for you. How about your very own online academy or membership site with courses and lessons - use learning to build trust and authority with your internal and external community. These courses can be paid or free to your subscribers. Embed videos, downloads, text and images in your lessons.

  • Missed Call Text Back

Even when you're away and can't get to the phone, an automated follow up via text is sent so you never lose another customer.

  • Textable Mobile Number & Calls

A new business number to use in phone calls, SMS marketing campaigns and other business communications. You can also redirect calls and phone out from the software - PC and Mobile.

  • Payment Pages

Streamline client invoicing & collect payments via text or web pages using integrations like Stripe or Paypal.

  • Appointment Booking Automation

Quickly & easily book appointments, send reminders, qualify your appointees, sync with your online calendar and more! (just like Calendly)

  • Continuous Development & New Features

Our software development team are continually taking feedback and adding new features, integrations and functionality to improve ClickMovements - this is not a static software company. You’ll be surprised by our agility and innovation. (WhatsApp coming in 2023 and is now in Beta).

  • Text Support

Via your ClickMovements app you can contact our tech support team with any question and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Training Videos and Knowledge Base

Browse our powerful Knowledge Base and 240+ Video Library to find answers to all your software and business development questions.

  • Onboarding and Set Up Consultation

There is nothing worse than floundering with a new software package so we commit to meeting with you 1-to-1 over those first few days and weeks to get you set up and onboarded properly - helping you to truly hit the ground running with your new software and community.

  • Complimentary Texts, Email and Calls

We send and optimise your texts, emails and calls through Twilio and Mailgun and they charge us a fee per email/text/call.min. We include about $15 per month of these costs in your package (about 500 texts, 500 call minutes and 1000 emails). Anything above these allowances, we will pass on the charge to your payment account - these extra Twilio rates are very minimal per communication (In US about £0.0075 per text, £0.0007 per email and £0.01 per call minute. In UK about £0.04 per text, £0.0007 per email and £0.02 per call minute)

  • AI Generated Content and Images

Our integration with ChatGPT allows the user to instantly add AI generated content to emails, website copy, livechat bot and social media posts. Cutting edge and personalised content. We include this in your monthly package and additional AI content over $15 costs $0.0945/1000 Words and $0.063/Image

Join Our Community AND gain full access to our software platform now. Plus 1-to-1 consultations and inspirational coaching, all within your first few days with us AND then on a weekly basis.

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Marketing Automation

Websites & Funnels

Your own Learning Platform

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Chatbots & AI

Email Marketing

Outbound Calling

Appointment Automation


Reputation Management

Unified Messaging

Powerful CRM

Easy Integration

Sales Enablement

[so much more…]


Zapier & 1000s more


Open API

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