Why HubSpot and why I've become a HubSpot Agency

Some of my friends have been asking me, 'Steve - why have you jumped into bed with just a single digital tool, you always used to love experimenting with new digital toys and trying new things?'

After a slight pause, I would stutter a reply using phrases like 'overwhelm, so hard to get to work together, multiple learning curves, data produced from too many sources to optimise anything effectively', and so on. You see I was worn out with years of trying the new shiny things - each with a few month learning curve etc...

So it was to my great relief that I met HubSpot - a tool that promised to do most, if not all, of the digital legwork of developing multiple funnels into a successful and growing business.  It is a genuine full-stack tool that now automates marketing, sales and customer service processes - all based around a free forever CRM for up to a million contacts.  'Full-stack' means it does nearly everything you could imagine in the marketing, sales and service space...

I've also always been drawn to tools that are embedded in a well-thought-through philosophy and pedagogy (ie. the usage of the tool makes sense and the way I learn is respected).  I love the philosophy underpinning HubSpot too - Inbound, the way it is generous with content and ideas to all people connecting with your business - everyone that visits your site will go away with something that will benefit their lives and businesses - obviously the hope is that this attitude will draw new clients and customers to you but the spirit of inbound is to give things away freely whether people come or not...  Its also the way people learn, they don't want to be force-fed curriculum-driven learning about products and services, they want to discover new products and services themselves, to 'agree to be fed' useful information and steers but to feel in full-control of the buying process - Inbound does just that ... 

People don't want their lives interrupted with cold-calls, hard advertising, endless messages and unsolicited emails. This old-school marketing is slowly dying... Instead 'Inbound' meets potential customers where they are, makes a warm connection, serves their felt needs with creative content and meaningful relationship then respectfully helps them on their self-directed customer journey. 

Benefits of Inbound & HubSpot include..

  1.  More connection for your money (proven to be most cost effective that traditional marketing - download State of Inbound Report 2018)
  2. Its longer lasting. Great content sticks around (some of my content videos seem to add hundreds of views every week and keep adding more views - I only made it once and its growing in value overtime. Compare that to a primarily paid-ad approach - pay or it stops).
  3. Builds Brand Authority and Awareness - because your content sticks around doing its good work of drawing people in, it also adds to the value of your brand overtime. Its almost like an exponential effect starts to kick in around your Inbound Markeing resources. 

Here's some the ways that Inbound fits with some of the HubSpot tools available - there are lots more, including a new video publishing and tracking application and a new customer service module.


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 Here's some more freebies that I offer to introduce to the tool and the philosophy of Inbound...



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