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Taking your Speaking Business Online - First Steps...

Written by Steve Jones

You've had some success with your message; you've seen the changed lives, the engaged and expectant faces, the new hope generated by your speaking - you'd like to take the power of your message to a wider group of people but don't know how.

You've heard how others have leveraged their business online and are growing their influence exponentially and enjoying the side benefit of growing income. And to be honest, you might feel some of these 'speakers' aren't as good as you and haven't a message as transformational as yours and yet they are seeing incredible online success - doesn't seem fair - what is their secret?

In this article, I want to unpack some of the lessons I've learnt in helping Speaking Businesses create their online movement and leverage their message beyond their normal audience.

  1. The Movements Dream - scaling up from a great foundation

As with any influential and growing entity, the roots are all important. I was tempted to use the phrase 'foundation' but we are talking about an organic entity, not a structure or institution, a living community of people catching your message, applying the ideas to their lives and then gossiping the message to others. This online community is designed to spread, to become exponential, to become a movement.

Time needs to be spent working among the roots, checking the health of the roots, watering and feeding the ideas and the business development philosophy behind your new community - is it scaleable, does the message need refining to make it 'stick' better, are you ready for a scaled-up business or is your new community going to flounder and fade? There is so much digital content around how to start your online business, what tools to use, what skills you need. When I first started I spent the first year or so in an overloaded 'coma', paralysed with fear that I'd use the wrong strategy or pick the wrong tool. So yes, do reflect, do trial new tools and do drill down to find your core purpose because when times get tough and they will, you will need your core purpose to carry you through and motivate you.

2. Persona

  1. Build your Funnel
    1. CMS
    2. Social Media
    3. Learning Platform
  1. Basic Studio
  2. Get your Analytics in place
  3. Join a community of like-minded purposeful people
  4. Get some advice

When your roots are healthy, then is the time to scale, to push above the ground like a blossoming plant. Scaling involves optimising and working out what is really working - which Ad, which copy, what social media platform and post is best for you. Then and only then can you invest more time, money and energy in seeing that new 'plant' reach for the sky and scale its growth.

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